Welcome humble readers. To inform you this is Daniel writing a fantastically amazing and in some cases boring blog. This blog may be sad or bad or even you might possibly think that you would be glad to finish my blog. Call the police if necessary, tell them ” I have just read the worst […]

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Hello all now you are reading Daniel’s amazingly fantastic and fun blog. Let me inform you that this blog also might be boringly depressing and sad. I hope you enjoy my boring blog. Today was another one of those fun cruise ship days with lots to do and lots of ruins to see. The only […]

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Hello all once again this is Daniel writing about his absolutely fantastically amazing and humorous blog. Enjoy. Today was Our last chance to do everything we hadn’t done in London. Trying to do the British Libary, HMS Belfast, Shakespeare’s Globe and the Golden Hinde, Sir Francis Drake’s ship. In a way, doing all these things […]

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Hello all once again this is Daniel writing his fantastically amazing and exiting blog if I do say myself. Today was a brisk early start with getting up at seven o’clock. Yep early all right. Then jump in the shower have breakie and go. Scary. Out the door by 9:00. We walked down to the […]

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Hello all. Once again this is Daniel writing. We started our day by getting up late and lying around in bed. But my good friend Mug 1.2.6(espresso cup that is used for mug) was ready to go sightseeing and ready to hear Caleb rocking and rolling on his Violin. He told me but I held […]

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Hello all once again this is Daniel writing for your information. We started another day getting up early like the day before at Versailles. After my photos at Normandy, I decided to take Mug sightseeing around Paris. We were up at 6:30 starting with a brisk morning walk to Notre Dame with a slight sizzle […]

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Today we went on a 30k bike ride that interestingly only felt like a puny 10k (to some people). We started our 30k bike ride at a large hotel in a town called Pontivy. There were at least 10 extremely busy roads so we had to cross all of them while heading to the canal […]

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As Josh ,Caleb and Dad had gone to another museum I decided to have some fun at the barn. I started the art of taking pictures on Mum’s iPad while posing for it in a cool way. At first I did some fantastic models of me, then I decided after about 10 photos that why […]

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