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  • Hi all,
    Today in Copenhagen we went to the Tivoli Gardens theme park. It was amazing, although we had a little trouble spotting the rides at first. When we did spot them, the prices seemed very high. 50 Euros for one ride?! Then we realised it was in Danish Krona (or Drachma, as Mum calls them), equivalent to five dollars. We had unlimited ride tickets at an excellent price, and then we got stuck into the good stuff. After many rides, we decided to take the free lunch provided at a fabulous little burger restaurant down the street. Contrary to most theme park food, the burgers where excellent. After this, I embarked on an unprecedented venture. I went on a roller coaster with four loop-the-loops! Comtrary to expectation, I loved it. After many more rides, and a lot of walking, we arrived at home run off our feet, waiting for Gran and Poppy to arrive.


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    Yes, even someone as extravagant as you reckon I am would baulk at 50 Euros arise. It seems that you had a lot of fun at Tivoli Gardens which Grandma and I also enjoyed in Copenhagen several years ago.
    Please say hi to Matthew. Is he planning to write or dictate his own blog?
    Lots of love, Grandpa.

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