Day five in Switzerland

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Hi everyone!

Another good day in Europe. Today, we went to Switzerland, and climbed a mountain! Well, climbed it via a cog train. When we got to the top, we saw an absolutely breathtaking view. So since we couldn’t go down to the mountain luge, Dad, Josh and I tried a walk to the summit of the mountain. Bad idea. The luge was closed because of all the wind, and we were hard pressed to keep ourselves from plunging to a gruesome death kilometres below the sheer cliff face! We thought this was extreme. Right up until we saw two rock climbers climbing to the summit WITHOUT a harness!!! When we got to the top, a sudden gust of wind forced us to cling onto a handy metal pole. We might have been blown off without it. (No exaggeration!). When we got down, we told Mum and Daniel that they had to try it, so they did. And chickened out before they got to the gate. Too windy, they said! As we went back down the mountain, Matty entertained us with many creative stories about two cog trains, named Harry and Cog. When we got down, we found it to be a beautiful day, so we went to a park. Considering the price of everything in Switzerland that was burning a hole in Mum and Dad’s pocket, it was a welcome relief to enjoy something that was actually free. Well, free right up until Dad very kindly bought us an ice cream. So much for saving! Enjoying our poison (as Dad likes to call it), we made our way to the sandy shores of a lake, were two flocks of geese were sleeping. To shouts of “It’s been nice knowing you!”, and jeers I sat among the geese, half expecting to get charged. I wasn’t, so I ventured closer and was rewarded with a warning honk. I foolishly ventured closer, and closer… Until I was right in the middle of one of the flocks. Surprisingly, the geese didn’t charge me, perhaps sensing my awe-inspiring charisma, easygoing nature, and David Attenborough-like way with animals. As we make our way back home, I am writing this blog and looking forward to collapsing with exhaustion.




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  1. Beth Peterson /

    Sounds much like our experiences Caleb, lots of wind & rain but with great things to see & do.

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