The amazing lense-day four in Colmar

Caleb   /  

Hi all,

Today has been an amazing day. I have ridden in a Ferrari, seen a Buggatti Veyron, had a hot chocolate, seen a war memorial, visited a car museum, and visited castle remains. What a day! At the crack of dawn (11:00 AM… note the sarcasm) we set off for a mountain which had a lot to offer, including a luge run and a farm. We were all looking forward to it until it started raining/hailing. This was very disappointing, and we were all feeling downhearted. But then some genius eg Dad, had the bright idea that we should sip hot chocolate and coffee until the weather cleared up! Half an hour later, and the weather got worse. We couldn’t see five metres in front of us! So back down the mountain we went, to visit a war memorial which contained the graves of 16,000 soldiers who died in ww1, which proved Very sad.😐😕🙁☹️😣😖😫😩😥😨😰😱😭. After this, absolutely everyone expressed unanimous enthusiam to visit the most acclaimed car museum in the world. While Dad and I visited the museum, the others had a snooze. When we arrived at the gates, there was a modern art installation containing the brass replicas of 16 cars. Since the advertisement said this museum contained 16 Buggattis, I had a moment of “is that it?”. Thankfully, it wasn’t. As I went in, I realised how wrong I was. Hundreds of priceless cars lining the floor from all sides! I couldn’t wait to start looking. But then Dad saw a sign offering something better… A self-drive ride in a Ferrari. Although the ride was short and the Ferrari was from 1988, it fullfilled a lifelong dream for both me and Dad… And Matthew. He had a ball! As we went back inside, Dad, me and Matthew were amazed. We saw many famous cars including the F1 Michael Schummacher raced in,a Ferrari tessterossa, and a real Buggatti Veyron! It was astounding. Fully impressed, Dad, me and Matthew headed back to the car. From their we explored a castle near our house, and collapsed onto the couch.


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  1. Sue and Ian Anderson /

    Hi Caleb.
    Despite the weather, that must have been quite a day! After riding in a Ferrariwith you and Dad, it’s hard to imagine Matthew being satisfied with his imaginary driving of our Audi after you’re back.
    Please keep these posts coming; Grandma and I love to read your writing.
    We’re off to school for another day of reading. So, ‘bye for now and love to you all, Grandpa

    • kandt /

      Hi Grandpa,
      You are so right about Matthew!

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