The amazing lense-day two in Colmar

Caleb   /  

Hi all,

day two began with everyone waking up at four am, and much boredom as we waited for the sunrise. After this, we had a quick petit dejeurner and set off to look around. We left at eight am for a town five minutes away, which turned out to be very beautiful. Our tour was rounded off when we saw several stork nests, each an incredible size, about two metres across. Unfortunately we could not see the storks as they had migrated to Africa for the autumn, but we did see one late leaver. It was as we were admiring the stork that the Anderson household pulled off a feat that I’m sure will become legendary in the years to come. Infatuated by the amazing French cultural experience, we managed to eat THREE breakfasts that morning! By the time we had finished our third petit dejeurner, sitting alfresco over a river with boats chugging by, it was lunchtime. None of us were very hungry, but we went home to eat lunch and catch some valuable R&R. After this Mum and Dad left us to go to a castle while we rested and Josh played deafening rap music to annoy me and Daniel. Our day has been a good one, and now I am looking forward to tomorrow, which promises to be just as good.



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  1. Sue and Ian Anderson /

    Many thanks Caleb. You are now leading the family posts.

    Lots of love, Grandpa

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