The amazing lense-Colmar edition day 1

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Hi all,

Four score and seven months ago (or somewhere around that number. I can’t remember.) my family and I set off for fabulous France. As soon as we arrived from the plane, we spent a couple of hundred hours waiting for the car rental place to give us a car. This time Over, with lofty expectations, one could be forgiven for thinking we would be disappointed. We weren’t. About a month after we arrived, we finally left the airport tired and dispirited. After missing the turnoff several times, We finally arrived at our hotel, which we had stayed at last time we came to France. To our dismay, the place hadn’t changed a bit. Not surprising, then, that as we walked in we noticed the two star hotel rating, proudly displayed next to the entrance. I checked the bed for bedbugs that night. Waking up after a long and restful sleep, we embarked on a gruelling 8-hour car journey to our hotel for a week, in Colmar. Exhausted, we dropped onto the couch. Sitting here this afternoon, with spaghetti bolognese for dinner, I am grateful that I don’t have to go through the ordeal again.


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  1. Sue and Ian Anderson /

    Hi Caleb and everyone.

    Caleb, when did you write this? Although I can’t find a time on your10 September post, I read it at 6.00am your time when you should have been sleeping after your long journeys.
    Enjoy your Sunday as we are ours, just doing washing, chatting to the Principal’s husband who came to update us on his having reported a near assault by a very drunk outsider who was in the community yesterday, doing a 10km tour of the town’s surrounds and now reading and falling asleep.
    Here, we have no mobile reception and need to rely on our accommodation’s landline and a public wifi system which means typing while outside standing up. But it could be worse!
    Please keep these blog posts coming as we love reading them.
    ‘Bye for now and lots of love to you all,

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