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Hi all,

I will give you a quick rundown on the last three days before I do today.

Athens was our last port, and after that we had a sea day, before arriving in Venice at about 2pm. We then got off the boat the next day after a very amazing, relaxing and fun and food-filled cruise. We found our apartment alright yesterday, and we can even see St. Mark’s tower from our apartment.

Today, the 25th, we decided to have a wander around Venice. We started the day by meandering up to the supermarket, and got some water bottles (the ones we had had before were ‘fizzante’ ones, which means sparkling so that¬†was successful). Anyway, after the supermarket, we wandered up to a Gelati spot and (naturally) got a Gelati. We then dropped our supermarket shopping off and headed to St. Mark’s. This famous square is just off the Grand Canal, and houses four horses that were originally from Constantinople (Istanbul). As they are in a museum, Mum, Daniel and I went to see them. In the museum, there was a huge amount of stuff including lots of 5th and 6th century marble. You could also get a clearer view of St Mark’s Basilica, which has some beautiful mosaics. The basilica was free to enter, but you had to pay to get into the museum. After St. Mark’s, we headed back home, and relaxed. Mum and Gran thoroughly enjoyed the day, as they got to wander around different shops.

Bye all,



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  1. Sue /

    Thanks Josh, with your help and very Venetian vernacular I can feel that I have vicariously visited venerable Venice. After two visits, you are are Venitian veteran!
    See you soon and lots of love to all, Grandpa

    • Beth and Lin Peterson /

      Hi Grandpa. Yes, we had a very, vastly vocal Venetian day yesterday. It was ‘v’antastic. Or maybe ‘ven’sational. Either way it works. See you soon, love Josh

  2. Sue /

    Thanks again Josh, I value various vivid Venition versions of your Venetion venture from your villa venue. Today must be your valedictory Venitian verse (no veracity in ‘verse). Without your blogs each morning I’ll be left with a vernal vacancy, and after being up at 4.45 to get Grandma to the tram for her trip to Ballarat for Annabel’s calisthenics today, I’m feeling valiantly virtuous.
    Enough of this verbosity! It’s time to vacate, vamoose and vegetate.
    Lots of love, Grandpa

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