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21st October

Today was the much looked-forward to tour of Athens, Greece.
When we got off Luxury, George, our guide was waiting for us. He was extremely nice and, to my pleasant surprise, loved Greek history! As we drove along, George quizzed us, whizzed us, and fizzed us through Greek history, especially the Persian invasion of Greece and the battles of Plateau, Salamis, Marathon, and Thermopile. But before we knew it, we were at the Corinth Canal. Started by the emperor Nero, the project was abandoned. It was finished in 18 oh something, three years before the first modern Olympics. Then George took us to ancient Corinth, which was interesting, but not very well preserved. Next on the list were more important things. Like Lunch. (Oh, did I forget to mention the Acropolis?) George took us to his favourite souvlaki place, and the souvlakis were DELICIOUS! So, after a quick break, we saw the Acropolis, but mostly the cranes that covered the structure. It is so disappointing that we couldn’t see the Parthenon! After this, we drove through Athens, and stopped at some of the most important sites. Then we drove back to the boat, thanked our awesome guide George, and flopped onto the boat, utterly spent.


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  1. Sue /

    Hi Caleb, this sounds like a great day in Athens. With its emphasis on ancient history, and battles, this must have been your kind of day, even down to your DELICIOUS souvlaki.
    Enjoy these last days!
    Lots of love from Grandma and me, Grandpa
    Thanks for your Shetland postcard which arrived yesterday. Not quite as quick as reading your blog!

  2. David /

    Hi Caleb,

    Sounds like you had quite a catch with George. How many of his quizzes did you get right?

    We have delicious souvlakis in Melbourne too run by ex-Greeks- Lambs in Northcote is our favourite.

    I’ve heard about Josh’s favourite meals while away, but haven’t heard much about yours. What was your favorite meal of the whole trip?

    We’re looking forward to seeing you back home!

    Love David and Teresa.

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