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Ephesus 20th Oct Norwegian Spirit Tues
Ephesus was the most important Roman city on the Mediterranean coast of Anatolia. Herbs and spices from Asia as it was the end of the Silk around and produce from Europe going to the East. The town was partially destroyed in 614 AD and the river on which its port was located formed a delta and silted up. With ships unable to reach the remains of the city it did not survive.
We remember the amphitheatre from being here in 1968 but there is much additional excavation since then. We seem to remember just arriving in our bus and walking through the amphitheater on our own without the need for entry tickets and certainly no fence around anything.
We joined a ship bus tour and the guide was good but not exceptional as have been our last 2 guides.
The day was warm and sunny, hot even in the sun. We have been so blessed with fine weather so far. Strolling through the area was quite relaxed, there were lots of tourist but not quite the rush as say Rome. The guide also was miked up, and we had small receivers so even if he was quite a way from us his commentary was still audible.
It took a full afternoon to tour the temples, amphitheater forum and a large library. There were 6 terrace houses that have been covered by a large plastic shed to protect the mosaics and wall paintings. these allowed a good insight into how they lived. The city was ruled by the Persians and Greeks before Rome took control in 334 BC. the city built to a population of 40,000,
Our dinner tonight was Chinese and we seemed to clear most of the plates. I am looking after Matthew while the others attend the show which is circus related.


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