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We were up early today, but I was ready! Missing Dad on Skype for the sake of a shower,(which wasn’t worth it at all, by the way) I was ready when we called Grandma + Grandpa. After breaky, our clan disembarked off the boat for what would turn out to be a very long day. We met up with our guide and our van, a full bus, as it turned out, and drove off. First in the line for us was the Blue Mosque. The Muslims were great architects. The minarets are amazing! Then, we walked very, very slowly, to the Topkapi Palace. At this palace, we discovered the Tenant style of architecture, which boasted huge courtyards, and small rooms, some of which had MAGNIFICENT Turkish weapons and armour. One treasure had a massive 💍 which the Sultan used for his turban! Anyway, after that, we saw the magnificent Hagia Sophia. I was a bit disappointed by the lack of quantity in the mosaics, but at least we saw the famous ones. When we walked out, the cisterns were the way to go, but there wasn’t much interest in that, so we went to the ‘bizarre Bazaar’ for a few minutes.


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    Hello again everyone. Once more, I could not respond to Josh sine his too was’ moments closed’. Istanbul must have been one highlight of many during your cruise. When you all get back, I’d like to see everyone,s ‘top ten’ highlights of the cruise (which may include the ship and shipboard life) and have you explain why.
    According to my improvised itinerary (improvised because your. Dukes had started so I am following what will be the first Norwegian Spirit 12 Med. Cruise in 2016), your next call is at Ephesus. Where I reckon your Dad holds the world record for the fastest ever visit from top to bottom. While I was sitting contemplating Paul preaching to the Ephesians, yourabout 15 y-o Dad was describing it as a ‘pile of old rocks’. How differently he would see it now!
    Have you seen my email advising that the three Premiership Cups are coming to our place on 1 December. Having already held them, Fairlie and I will have to give you a demonstration of how to hols three at once ( four might be beyond us if the situation arises).
    Otherwise, not much to report from here except to again mention how much Grandma and I look forward to reading your blog as almost the first thing we do each morning – even before coffee ( this reminds me to say hi to Mug who I hope is enjoying his shipboard life).
    Lots of love to all, Grandpa

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    Sorry about the typos; it’s very hard to review comments on my iPad.

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