Norwegian Spirit, 13th Oct, Toulon

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The buffet breakfast was a hit with all and the boys had a few courses.
Today is Toulon in France and we had 2 main objectives ; to see the Military Museum and the walk through the market. The Museum is apparently very good as Toulon is France’s largest Navel port but it is closed on Tuesday. The ship provided a tender as we were on the other side of the harbour. A Regent ship had pride of place next to the town.
The market had lots of veggies meat fish, clothing and other market stuff. The atmosphere was like Vic market only outside. The freshness of the fruit and veg appealed and you would buy here daily if you lived close. The town feels like a French village although it was largely built during and after WW2. Back to the ship for lunch and a rest in the afternoon to prepare for the next 2 full on days. I spent the afternoon above the Bridge looking out to sea and chatting. The boys had a swim in the pool a game of table tennis with Beth and Karen joining in while Matthew ” did running”.Cakeb and Daniel then had a game of basketball.
The family arrived on deck 12 in time to see us sail away to Italy.
Dinner was at the Italian Restaurant La Trattoria and again we all enjoyed our choices. We waddled away from the table to bed.
So far this ship has been very good with the exception that there is no laundry other than DIY or paying,


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