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When the alarm went off at 1:30 AM this morning (it was actually 6:15 according to Mum, but I don’t believe her), a tired and bewildered Caleb woke up. But, in the space of a few seconds (but they were blissful seconds nevertheless) I was asleep, only to be woken up by Mum and Josh, the former ALREADY SHOWERED, in the middle of the night (well, maybe not quite, but it was very early). As the first lights of dawn touched my bleary face, I was showered, dressed, and breakfasted. Then, we took a shuttle bus to Mykanos, where we decided to “meander along the town, at a delightful and measured pace.” However, we soon realised that we had been hoodwinked. ‘Delightful and measured’ turned out to be a cracking pace that would have made Usaine Bolt proud, and that pretty much cancels out ‘meander’ as well. But then, we found a nice beach, and some nice rotting chairs that had come from the sea, and we meandered, for real this time, among the area. We saw a couple of windmills, still owned and used by the way, and some REALLY dodgy cars. One of the funniest had a jagged hole for a grill, with no mesh, and a number plate tied on with rope! Anyway, we were more relaxed on the way back, and we even stopped for a cuppa. Back in Luxury, my new nickname for our cruise boat, we had an epic time.


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  1. Sue /

    Hi Caleb, it seems like ‘this is the life for me’ has gone to a new level!
    You might not be, but Grandma and i are counting down the days until you return to what will seem a very quiet Melbourne.
    Lots of love to you all, grandpa

  2. Ian Anderson /

    Hi Caleb, it was great to see and talk with you, Mum and your brothers yesterday morning.
    I was planning to reply to Mum’s after-Istanbul blog entry but is says ‘comments closed’.
    You had quite a day in Istanbul and fitted in an amazing amount during your short stay. Grandma and I are pleased that Poppy found such a great guide for the day as that can make such a difference to enjoying and learning about a place. It’s a long time since we’ve been there so it was good to be reminded of it. With terrorism in the capital Ankara and the Kurdish areas, we were relieved to read that you had a safe, trouble-free day and amused that Mum described the ship as ‘home’ which it must feel to you now.
    Enjoy these last days of cruising. I don’t know how you’re feeling after nearly eight weeks away, but Grandma and I have been counting off the days until you are all back. Dad is coming for dinner tomorrow night. After not seeing him since the Grand Final, we are looking forward to it.
    ‘Bye for now and lots of love to you all,

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