Catch-up on Scottish Tour, the Caleb way.

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To whoever is reading this blog.

Today is the end of my Scottish tour. I have finished the tour with a relaxing afternoon, but it certainly didn’t start out that way! The first leg of the tour was packed, with workshops, tours and lots and lots of gigs. But if I thought the first leg was packed, the second was absolutely crazy! I was up till 11 each night, (sometimes later) and almost every day was 24:7*. This lifestyle left me floundering! So I was relieved when the third leg turned out to be nice and calm, with 3 whole free days!

In conclusion, I would like to be a Musician, but I think it is just too tiring! The only thing missing from this tour was… Sleep!


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  1. David /

    Good to read you on the blog again Caleb. From reading the posts of everyone else, you’ve had some very long days and nights but have thoroughly enjoyed it. The life of a musician is long nights, but also usually late mornings. Did you miss that part?

    Hopefully you can spend a bit of time relaxing and touring now!

    Love David and Teresa

    • kandt /

      You’re right David and Teresa, it was exhausting. I learnt lots of new songs. I wish you could have heard the sound in St Gikes Cathedral!

  2. Sue /

    Hi Caleb.
    Gradma and I send our congratulations on your MSFC tour which seems to have been a great success for you all and an amazing experience for you. We look forward to a full report and some more video when you are home.
    Now you can get on with being a more relaxed tourist rather than a high-flying, hard-working, sleep-deprived full-time musician.
    Lots of love to you all. We do hope that you are all very soon over your nasty colds.
    Will you be able to watch the big game tomorrow? Am I correct in thinking it will begin at 5.30am in London? If so, more sleep deprivation looms for a different reason.

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