Holiday Highlights, by Caleb Anderson.

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Hello everyone. I know lots of you have been asking for a blog entry from me, so here it is.


Since there is not much to write about today, because we were all tired and needed a rest. I will write about the holiday in general, instead.


I particularly enjoyed this part of the holiday because of the below reasons:

  1. The beaches, which were nice because of how sandy they were, except one (which was a bit stinky*)
  2. the nice house that we had (a mansion, in any case!)
  3. the moving experiences my family experienced at the Caen, Overlord, Omaha, American war cemetery, D-Day and Cold War museums, almost one for every day as we stayed there a week!

*a bit stinky is an understatement. It positively reeked!!!

The Bike ride a.k.a Tour de France

  1. Winning the hill climbers jersey for TEAM AUSSIE!!!( we were riding with two Cananadians, who were very friendly, and jokingly called themselves ‘team Alouette’. Of course, we reacted in kind and named ourselves ‘TEAM AUSSIE!!!’)
  2. the beutiful farms and hillocks, lying sprawled out before you like a giant textbook of ‘picturesque France.’
  3. the steep, steep, long, tiring hills! Yes, believe it or not, I actually enjoyed that drudgery!

At the closing of these two events, I decided I enjoyed Normandy more than the bike ride. I felt Mum and Dad ran the bike ride military style, with early morning starts and the constant threat of a cold shower if you didn’t get up early!

Thanks for reading!



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  1. kandt /

    Thanks Caleb for your holiday summary. It made for a most enjoyable read.

    General Tim Anderson and Commander Karen

  2. Linbe /

    Hi Caleb,
    Great to read your blog entry. Not really surprised you enjoyed the hill climbs as you have always been a strong bike rider. I’m sure I would have struggled as I really dislike hills almost as much as I dislike riding into the wind. We didn’t hear about any wind so assume there was not much. No rain during the day either?
    Only one more sleep for us before boarding the plane so see you soon. Have a great time exploring Paris
    Love Gran and Poppy

  3. Sue /

    Your blog made us laugh Caleb. What memories you h
    Will have of this trip! Sue

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