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Wet weather again today. We are trying to do as the locals do, and just get on with it. We were needing a break from the museum circuit, so took a trip to Harrods (a famous and expensive department store in London for those who don’t know it). I think there were more tourists there than shoppers. The boys marveled at the Egyptian themed escalator, drooled over the goodies in the astronomically priced food hall (complete with Beef Wellington by the slice would you believe), and pined over the toys. Tim found a very nice table setting for us, for only 120,000 pounds. Shame we couldn’t get it home.

We moved on to the more affordable Mark’s and Spencer’s which is one of my favourites. Tim and I felt quite at home, as we were in Fairlie’s old stomping ground of Chelsea. Actually, I should have felt at home, but really I had no idea where I was. Tim took the boys for a hot chocolate while I had a nice, uninterrupted time shopping. By the time I had finished, everyone had had enough, and we made our way home. We have found some nice goodies to eat while we have been in London. Caleb and Daniel love buying the sushi in the supermarkets, full of ingredients that they would never eat on their own. Tim is enjoying Bakewell tarts and the cheap Chocolate Oranges, and Josh is demolishing every crumpet we buy at a great rate. Of course, we can buy all these things at home but they seem luxurious after being faced with unfamiliar things for so long. No photos to add today, sorry. Tim is going to watch a soccer game on his own tomorrow, as he couldn’t get seats for everyone. I am planning to take the boys to Kensington Park which is reported to have a great playground. I hope it doesn’t rain too much!


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    Tim, I made a Bakewell tart recently. Took me far too long to make and all who ate it agreed its fame is over-rated. Obviously it must have been the recipe I used as it could not have been the cook. Maybe I should try again.


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