Wotton-under-edge with the Marslands – Sept 24th-25th

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In our usual last minute style, Tim rand Sue and Godfrey Marsland to see if we could come and visit them at their home in Wotton-under-egde. We had imposed on them before in their holiday home in France. The boys were begging us to spend some more time with them as they had been so welcoming to us last time. Thankfully, Sue and Godfrey welcomed us again, despite the fact that they are leaving to France again on Monday.

Wotton-under-edge is a delightful town in the southern end of the Cotswolds. We had a wonderful dinner with Sue and Godfrey, and the boys were delighted to be able to sleep inside the house. It was great to be able to do all our washing and have showers etc. without hiking miles to get to the facilities. Today we walked around the lovely town and had a coffee at the ‘Arc’ which is run by the nearby churches. Sue and Godfrey then very kindly drove us in 2 cars to Bristol so we could see the S.S. Great Britain and the Telford Suspension Bridge. The same innovative engineer, Brunel, had designed both the bridge and the steamship. The building of the bridge we had just been reading about with the kids, and it was great to be able to actually see it. The S.S. Great Britain was a beautifully displayed ship that we could walk in and around. This ship used to run between Liverpool and Melbourne. We all really enjoyed seeing around the ship. It was great to have some local knowledge too – Sue and Godfrey had organised a picnic lunch for us from which we could view the bridge and the river Avon, and sit on the grass. It is a little cold here today, but brilliant sunshine.

Godfrey very kindly also drove Tim and I to see a friend’s old farm where she grew up which was nearby, and a playground for disabled children that her mother had constructed. A monument for William Tyndale (who translated the Bible into English) stood nearby on the hill. Josh enjoyed seeing this as he has just read a book about William Tyndale. We had another delicious dinner (they certainly feed us well here!) and they boys have enjoyed playing in a ‘real house’. Caleb has complemented our hosts well, calling their home ‘very grand’, the meal Sue served ‘a banquet’ and Sue and Godfrey ‘very kind hearted people’. Sue says he can come back anytime! We will go to church with them tomorrow, and then probably head north to see some more Cotswold towns.

'Wales is that way!'

Clifton Suspension Bridge

Trying on costumes on the SS Great Britain

'I am sitting in Stu's favourite chair and eating his favourite Ice-cream! This is the life!'


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