Corrie Ten Boom in Haarlem – Aug 26th

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Even more rain this morning! I don’t know whether this is unusual, but they sure do have a lot of water around here! It does make sightseeing a bit tricky. I guess we are never happy…first too hot…then too cold…then too wet!

We spent the morning doing some ‘school’ while waiting to see if it would clear up. Eventually we had a few moments of reprive, and we hightailed it to the train station and caught a few trains to get to Haarlem. Haarlem is a medium sized city west of Amsterdam, only about 20 mins away by train. It was another lovely old place with cobblestone streets and canals. We spent most of the afternoon dodging more rain, and spent some time in a little museum called the ‘Corrie ten Boom Museum’. For those who don’t know, Corrie was a Dutch lady who was the leader of the Dutch resistance movement. Corrie, her sister Betsy and her father, hid thousands of Jews and sympathisers in their home in the war years. They set up a system where Jews would hide behind a specially built false wall whenever needed. Tragically, someone betrayed the ten Booms and they were sent to concentration camps. Only Corrie survived, and she spent the rest of her life evangelizing about Jesus, forgiveness and peace all over the world. I had read her book previously and so knew the story, but it was so inspiring to see where it all took place. The old Dutch lady who was a volunteer (the museum was free), took us around on a guided tour. She had experienced the war in the Netherlands herself, and her insights made the tour that much more meaningful. She was fascinating to listen to despite the horror of the war, and held the kids’ attention for over an hour. Dad, you would have liked the clocks there – Corrie’s family were watchmakers and some of the clocks were still there in the house. Tim and I were so inspired by the tour that both of us rate it as one of the best things we have seen so far.

In the 'Hiding Place'


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    I too have read Corrie’s books (although some years ago) but did not remember that it all began in Haarlem near Amsterdam. Some people must have been so brave in those war years to harbour others, putting themselves at risk. Love Sue

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