Broken at Bacharach – Aug 20th

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This morning Tim and Daniel braved the German health system and discovered that Daniel did indeed have a broken wrist. After a trip to the doctors and then the Emergency Department of the hospital, he had it all plastered up. The doctors and nurses were all very good and spoke some English. Daniel’s wait in Emergency would have been far more in Australia, and although of course we needed to pay, it was an affordable charge. He is gradually getting used to it although the novelty is already wearing a bit thin! Tim will take him back to the hospital tomorrow to get it checked, and then we will need to get it removed in four weeks’ time in England.

This afternoon we managed to fit in a cruise along the Rhine from the town near our campsite (St. Goar) to Bacharach. The Rhine cruise was interesting as we passed many castles along the way. Both St. Goar and Bacharach are lovely old medieval villages, the later being particularly quaint with its tiny leaning houses. Josh marveled at the width of one house which was barely wide enough for 2 people to stand in with arms outstretched. We had a wander along the streets, found a playground and indulged in yet another gelati before our return to St. Goar. The boat returning from Bacharach was a big old paddlesteamer. Being the cheapest cruise, it was tough to get a seat! Although the busy season seems to be waning, there was still a big crowd for the boat. We finished with dinner in St Goar which was remarkably good value. Restaurant meals in Germany seem to be much cheaper than in Australia on the whole. Caleb is desperate to see inside one of the castles on the cliff that we can see from our campsite and Daniel also needs the hospital again, so we plan to stay another day here.


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    What a big plaster Daniel! It must be heavy to carry around so you will get very strong doing so. Much love from Grandma

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